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Dr Sang-kyu Son

Hon. Chairman, UBE Spine Foundation India

  • Neurosurgeon, minimally invasive spine speciality
  • Global UBE training consultant(Head Master)
  • Outpatient Professor/Neuro Surgery Dept, Kyungpook National University Hospital
  • First President of UBE research society
  • Headmaster consultant of international UBE Training Course
  • Manager of facebook: UBE, international society of UBE
  • Regular member of Korean Neurosurgical Society
  • Permanent member of Korean Spinal Neurosurgery Society
  • Executive director of KOMISS(Korea Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Society )
  • Executive director of KOSESS(Korea Research Society of Endoscopic Spine Surgery)
  • Regular member of KASS (Korean-American spine society)
  • Honorary chairman of Turkish UBE Society
  • UBE advisory consultant for various countries (America, Brazil, Greece, Hongkong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Turkey etc.)

Dr Malcolm Pestonji

Managing Director, Endoscopy Spine Foundation India & UBE Spine Foundation India

  • Hon. Professor Endoscopic spine surgery, Center of Endoscopic Excellence, MGM University of Health Sciences Navi Mumbai
  • Sr Faculty, Mission Spine Foundation India
  • Spine surgeon, Golden Park Hospital
  • Life Member, MISSAB

For more on Dr Malcolm, visit www.drmalcolmpestonji.com

Dr Seung-hyun Choi


  • UBE (Directional Scoliosis) Setter
  • UBE Research Society Invitation Board
  • Director of KOMISS (KOMISS) PR
  • Director of the Korean Society for Endoscopic Surgery (KOSESS) Law
  • Lifetime member of the Korean Association of Oriental Neurology
  • Deputy Directorate of the Korea Association of Chunchuku Neurology, Seoul and Kyunggi Province
  • The Korea Health Management Association’s advisor on Spine Sufficiency in the Busan
  • Developer of seven types of medical patents and UBE surgical instruments
  • Jeon, an outpatient professor of neurosurgery at Kyungpook University.
  • (Jeon) Busan Gangdong Hospital, Gumi Gangdong Hospital and Ulsan Good Morning Hospital. Head of Spinal Center at Neolyeolrin St. Mary’s Hospital in Daegu
  • Head of bi-directional endoscopic spinal surgery center/UBE

Dr Hayati Aygün


Dr Hayati Aygun, MD was born in 1971 in Erzurum. He graduated from Uludağ University of Medicine, Turkey, in 1999. He completed his residency in the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology in 2006 at the Atatürk University of Medicine. He was a founder of the Department of Orthopaedics at Kafkas University. He received an Associate Professorship in 2012. He has worked at several international spine centers. He is an active member of TOTBID, TOTDER, TOD (TSA). AOSPINE, and EUROSPINE. He has a Eurospine postgraduate diploma. He is working on a project about degenerative disc problems and deformities.

Dr Hayati Aygun has been working in Medicabil International hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology And Spine Department since November 2016. He has been performing endoscopic spine surgery from 2008. He has more than three thousand endoscopic spine procedures to his credit. He has been performing monoportal endoscopic procedures between 2008 and 2017. He started performing UBE in 2017. He has also performed more than three hundred UBE cases as of this moment.

Dr. Mankyu Park


  • Graduated medical school at Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea
  • Completed internship and residency at Kyungpook National University Hospital, Daegu,South Korea
  • Completed spine fellowship at Kyungpook National University Hospital, Daegu,South Korea
  • Clinical instruction, Kyungpook National University Hospital, Daegu,South Korea
  • Consultant spine surgeon, Gimcheon medical center, Gimcheon, South Korea
  • (Present) UBE Consultant Spine Surgeon at Parkweonwook Hospital, Busan, South Korea
  • (Present) UBE Reference Doctor and Global Trainer at EndoSpineMax

Other endeavours

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